To give you a glance of our journey, I should start from 1975 when Mr. Lotfy Tawakol (father) and Mr. Rami Tawakol established Altawakol Group. They were the visionaries who not only founded the company but also our core believes and values still guiding us 40 years later; Honesty, Integrity and nurturing of a good interrelationship between our own family, employees, business partners, and clients.

The journey started with the group buying an Italian company “Fratelli Gila” in 1975, a power distribution and low voltage supplier in Egypt; then acquired Nassib Torcom in 1996 another company specialized in lighting solutions. Now, the companies became Altawakol Gila Electric and Altawakol NTT, pioneers in manufacturing and supplying integrated electrical equipment, steel and lighting solutions. The Group continues to grow and expand with holdings in other investments and different sectors like renewable energy, tourism, construction, and real estate development.

Today, I am a board member in Altawakol Group and the CEO of Altawakol NTT Company, Altawakol NTT has passed many milestones from (opening new factories for street lighting poles, low voltage panel boards, cables trays, lighting products, and galvanization facility) to completing the prestigious quality accreditation ISO 9001:2015, which enabled us to supply solutions and serve clients in Egypt and ME region. Our core values and hard work over the last 40 years allowed us to win the confidence of our customers who include private and public companies in contracting, design, and architectural industry and likewise governmental and military projects. Our clients trust us because we treasure their satisfaction, and careful with our production, quality control, and business processes. We take great pride in our strong business partnerships with Schneider Electric, Philips Lighting, Himel Electric, LS Cables and Systems and many other well-known international manufacturers.

Our growth continues with investments in new factories and new local brands coming under the same group name; thanks to the young third generation of Altawakol family who are highly educated and restless in their pursuit of excellence. I am confident they can elevate the NTT organization to greater heights in both business and professionalism, all while maintaining the group values. Thank you for considering Altawakol NTT