Policy of Management Systems


The policy of Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, and Energy for NTT Tawakkal Electrical Industries aims to satisfy its customers with passion and innovation to provide lighting products, lighting poles, decorative pole cable holders, stolen poles, graded poles, high-mast poles, low-voltage electrical panels, high-voltage power transmission towers, as well as metal forming and hot-dip galvanizing services with high quality and reasonable prices that meet the desires and expectations of customers while adhering to the objectives of quality, safety, occupational health, environment, energy, and continuous review for continuous improvement.

This is based on the following standards:

Applying the standards of quality, safety, occupational health, environment, and energy, and commitment to the ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018, and 50001:2018 systems for continuous improvement to ensure a safe and clean environment free from pollution and injuries and to support energy goals and defect-free products.
Commitment to compliance with the requirements of quality, safety, occupational health, environment, and energy systems and continuous improvement thereof.
Continuous compliance with customer requirements and legal and regulatory requirements.
Commitment to preventing pollution, injuries, and harm to the health of workers.
Developing strategies that support innovation, teamwork, and employee participation in the development and implementation of management systems applied by the company and continuous improvement thereof.
Optimal use of available resources and development of employee skills.
Continuous improvement in the quality of products provided through continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the applied Quality Management System, safety, occupational health, environment, and energy.
Maintaining the reduction of risks and hazards affecting the company's activities and energy performance.
The senior management pledges to disseminate and communicate the policy to employees and to continually apply and review it.
Commitment to ensuring and providing the necessary information and resources to achieve the goals and objectives of energy management to conserve and reduce energy consumption and optimize energy use in the company.
Support for purchasing energy-efficient products and services and design to enhance and develop energy performance. CEO Integrated Management Systems.