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High mast poles

High Mast Poles

We customize our solutions based on your requirements, respecting international standards and safety accredited design and calculations. Our flood lighting steel poles (High Mast Poles) produced from 12Mt to 35Mt heights and much above to meet your requirements. Its polygonal shape designed from 12 sides to 20 sides, with continuous tapered and electrically welded steel. NTT High Mast is an assembly of 2 to 4 shafts joined together by means of pressure over lapping; section per section rendering firm grip and are joined by telescopic slings. By using our In-House Hot-Dip galvanization facility with the Deepest Kettle in Egypt, automated technology and respecting the ASTM123 standard requirements. We provide our customers with the best quality and the most homogeneous galvanization service in Egypt. The thickness of our High Mast are from 4 mm to 6 mm to satisfy specification requirements and customer needs.

The High Mast applications includes:
• Soccer fields and stadiums.
• Sports clubs.
• Rounds and crossroads.
• Parking areas,
• Seaports and airport runways.

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