Al-Tawakol Group

AlTawakol Group operates in diversified business sectors all over Egypt. The first established main sector within the group was the electrical solutions sector. This sector is diversified into different segments, which form fully integrated electric solutions for the market.
The products within these segments varies from traded to locally produced products in our factories which are later been sold all over the Egyptian and Middle East markets. The other main sector within the group varies from developments in the real estate and tourism markets. The group has realized several projects and gained the confidence of several major clients in these sectors.The group also has many partnerships and investments in other industries.

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Altawakol NTT

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Al-Tawakol Gila Electric


Sharm International for Real-Estate Investments


El Emar For Construction & Real-estate


Al Tawakol For Steel Fabrication & Galvanizatin Co


Winnergy for Solar Power